What’s next after DVD’s?


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I’ve been asked this question frequently in the past few months. My clients are concerned about preserving their family heritage for future generations. While I still recommend DVD’s for viewing family movies, videos, slides, and photos at the present time, I am also recommending that all media be backed up on an external hard drive so that is is available to be uploaded to the next generation of media viewing. My guess, is that media will be stored by data storage companies and accessed by users through remote devices.


Altered Portraits

I received a message yesterday from one of my viewers who was confused about why I would blog about an article from 1988. So I apologize for not commenting on the background of this blog. Here it is…

In March, I met blogger Edilio Ciclostile as a result of my “Myths and Misconceptions About Modern Day Artists”. I noted style similarities in his art and that of Fiedor-Urban portraits of the ’80’s. They developed the art form of airbrushing objects onto a black and white photo. This was the predecessor of digital art.